The walking dead (and/or) Breaking Bad

I’ve never seen a single episodes of any of those so I cant tell :c i suck I’m sorry

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One of the best out takes from any television show, ever. 


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i hate when a more attractive person has a crush on the same person i do

It’s like performing in a talent show and finding out that Beyonce is going on before you

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(1/5) enjolras who knows that he's sometimes unintentionally harsh and cold and doesn't think he's anything special or interesting and gets the idea that if he tries to be more pleasant and fun loving for grantaire, grantaire might possibly start to like him back. so he goes about his plan. he starts bringing coffee for grantaire at the studio when he knows grantaire's pulled an all nighter. he starts talking about wanting to go out clubbing or to the theatre loudly when he's around him-


2/5) -and he goes to lengths to avoid arguing with him at meetings whic kind of stops their only constant interactions. and one evening grantaire walks in on him talking to bahorel about maybe buying a motorcycle and grantaire’s just so thrown and confused because enjolras is acting nothing like himself and doesn’t know how he feels about this because he loves enjolras. he loves everything about enjolras and who he is and he doesn’t know how to act around this new person and-

(3/5) -grantaire starts getting distant because he realises that enjolras is only ever this way around him and he doesn’t understand why but it has to be because enjolras isn’t comfortable enough to be himself around R. and that is the opposite of what enjolras wants because he was doing all of this FOR grantaire and how will that work if grantaire’s never around anymore. and he starts thinking, maybe it’s just him. grantaire doesn’t like him any way. but the idea of grantaire not even being-

(4/5) -around is worse than the idea of grantaire not loving him back so he goes to grantaire’s flat one evening and starts apologising. “i didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable with my advances i know i’m not that fun or interesting or special but i love you and you don’t have to love me back but please don’t shut me out. i still want us to be friends.” and grantaire’s confused because what advances? did he miss something but then he hears enjolras clearly and grantaire gets even more confused-

(5/5) because enjolras just said that he’s nothing special and enjolras is the most special, amazing person grantaire’s ever met and grantaire needs to rectify that line of thought immediately. so he cuts across enjolras’ rambling and kisses him and enjolras squeaks before grabbing onto grantaire and kissing him back for dear life. and grantaire spends the rest of the evening kissing enjolras and stroking his hair and telling him exactly how special and amazing and beautiful he thinks he is.

christ almighty this is perfection

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❤ male:
❤ female:
✖ least favorite:
✔ who resembles me:
❤ most attractive:
❤ three more characters that i like:

Do it!

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girls all go to the bathroom together because that’s where we rap battle

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If only…

Why is the cake cutting-thingy square? And where’s the leftovers from the middle circle?

One of the pieces disappears?????

it’s a mouse wearing pants

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everyone on tumblr needs to see urbandictionary’s definition of Aaron Tveit


really tho


It’s wonderful

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